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Linn Jones - Skomer July 2016

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I started the course from a very low baseline as I hadn’t used my digital SLR for about two years! However this did not deter Andy as he patiently and humorously corrected and encouraged me throughout the day. The images I have chosen, whilst technically lacking, represent what I have learnt about the appearance and behaviour of puffins since that inspirational day on beautiful Skomer.

Such was the experience that I immediately wanted to learn more about the comical and remarkable little bird that entranced us all. I first read ‘Skomer Portrait of a Welsh island’ by Jane Mathews which enhanced the background and history that Andy had introduced to us and explained why Iolo Williams describes it as the diamond in the crown jewels of Welsh wildlife. Many of Andy’s photographs in the book also explained why the tuition we received on the day was of such high quality.

Then I read ‘The secret lives of Puffins’ with photographs by Mark Sisson and engaging, lively text by Dominic Couzens.

So you can see I am smitten and will continue to read and inform myself until I visit again next year. Andy will probably say ‘read a few photography books as well!’





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